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Are you young, smart, good in blogging and passionate about technology, innovation and future? Do you dream about working with ecosystems like MIT, Harvard, Stanford or Singularity? If so, would you like to join the global project dedicated to human enchancement technology, digital health and learning? Moreover, would you like to get a superstar mentor who will guide you in this journey? Great! We are looking for smart students and young creatives who are ready to join our upcoming project!

PS. Internship may be conducted remotely. Your location doesn't matter. But skills and passion do. :)


Assist in creation of content, including: proofreading, editing & co-authorship,
Assist in working with influencers and opinion leaders;
Assist in working with scientists, technologists, innovators, startup founders;
Create own blogs - posts, stories, videos.

Self-Improvement Tech;
Health Tech;
Future Of Learning;
Innovation & Startups.

Opportunity to present your work to global English-speaking audience;
Opportunitity to work with global organizations & Influencers;
Up to 2 personal mentors who teach and guide you.